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Let us help you reach new heights

We are a tech consulting company excelling in Test & QA, Software Development, UX, and Management.
It's all about the individuals, and we cultivate an environment where we enrich and inspire each other to reach new heights.


Qlue was founded in 2012, and thereby creating a new IT consulting era in the region. It is based on the idea that all experts at Qlue are given the opportunity to invest in their own professional reputation.

In doing so, these good reputations also make it easier for companies to find the ideal consultant who can address their specific needs.

What we are good at

What we are good at

Outlined below are our skills—what we love to do and excel in.


Project Management

Qlue has several consultants specializing in project management, with vast experience in managing all kinds of projects. They navigate through planning, collaboration, and execution, making sure your project is a success.


User Experience Design

A world of wonders can start with Post-it notes. Our UX consultants engage in user research, develop wireframes and prototypes, and iterate designs to ensure top-notch usability, accessibility, and customer satisfaction.


Software Development

Our developers at Qlue have a broad wealth of knowledge spanning many different techniques and methods, acquired from our experience in hundreds of software development projects. We just love to develop things that work.


Test & Quality Assurance

Manual or automated? Of course we do both. Our test engineers and test devs are experienced consultants with knowledge of the most used tools and methods, and our test leads are dedicated to ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

About Qlue

Why work at Qlue?

There are many good reasons. One of them is definitely the people.

Join us

We're always on the lookout for new colleagues who wish to work towards shaping their careers and personal brands. 

At Qlue, you will find a warm vibe, a high level of professionalism, and lots of fun and games.

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Your unique benefits at Qlue

As a consultant at Qlue, you gain entry to the assets "The Quest" and "Your Professional Reputation".

The Quest is made up of a series of chapters containing challenges, starting with the part "Red Deer". The employee's personal growth is in focus and celebrated after the completion of each section.

Furthermore at Qlue, every consultant is offered to find out and define their own professional reputation. This is done in cooperation with Per Frykman and is proven to be an excellent tool to really bring different aspects of a person’s competencies and personality into the light.

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